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Ashland County Law Library Remodeling Project

In 2010 the Ashland County Law Library completed renovations to the library located in the courthouse.  The project was enormous and took six months to complete. We added two conference rooms, new paint, carpet, lighting, and electricity.  The project was well worth the time and money as our library is now efficient and comfortable to work in.

Dennis Harris, Crew Chief, and Paul packing Federal Reporters and Federal Supplements before work begins.
Three of the crew packing our antique books carefully in order to move them to better space.
The area above will be a book lined conference room, 10' x 12 '. Note that ancient flooring under the space where two bookshelves were removed.
From the inside of the new conference room looking out.
Seating area in new conference room.
Joel, rewiring ancient lighting.
By re-positioning three sets of shelves we created an area behind them that offers a bit more privacy than before.  
Our new semi-private conference room. 
Our new larger private conference room used for depositions, attorney-client conferences, CLE training, etc.
Attorney writing desk in large conference room.